Sunday, March 13, 2011

You could add a lattice and grow a clematis.

When looking at Mynrva for the second time, the Marina owner, Carl approached with some sage advise on reinforcing the roof, fixing the marine toilet and information about the slip rental.

At some point, a look of utter amazement and shock must have come over my face, particularly in consideration of the necessary roof repairs.  "You know, if you added another reinforcement right here, you could add a lattice and grow a Clematis." he stated.  Thanks Carl, I think I might want to start with electrical.

Now I don't think Carl is akin to a used car salesman. After all, it's not his boat, just his marina.  But I pretty well need to deal with a little more than aesthetics at this point.

Not to suggest that a lattice is a poor idea.......

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