Sunday, March 20, 2011

Time well spent....

For the first time in a long time, I was focused on one goal; finishing the swim board.  It should be a swim board, but on Mynrva, it is a counter or buffet or bar of sorts.  It sits off the bow, and although not used for it's original intended purpose, makes an excellent addition to the deck.

Since I am a bit in limbo awaiting a new roof, I decided to start sanding and somehow refinish this mysterious piece of dried wood.

One thing I've noticed about my dock family is that people are friendly and warm.  My car clearly displays that I am gay and liberal, yet no one wants to discuss politics.  They discuss their boats, their projects on their boats and what a gift it is to spend time on the water.  Yes, it's just a lake in South Carolina, but it's water and for those magnetically attracted to its ripples, reflections and sounds, it's a little slice of paradise.

Larry, a contractor, who is married to Brenda, who works for Merrill Lynch, pass by Mynrva frequently as they go back and forth, having pleasant but brief conversations with other house boaters.  Larry would like to live on a houseboat if Brenda would let him.  Brenda would let him is she could quit her job.

Larry stopped and commented on my 6 hour sanding job.  " You're enjoying yourself, aren't you, Chris?.
"Yes, I really am.  It just doesn't feel like work", I replied.
"That's going to be a beautiful swim board and you're going to feel proud."

Although it was a bit patronizing, he was right.  I am.


  1. You can tell from your writing that this project is truely a labor of love. I love to see your latest renovations, but am asea regarding how your car shows that you are obvious gay and liberal. My mind is racing thinking that you have a shocking pink 6 wheeled HUMVEE with plaid seat covers parked at the end of your pier. Say it isn't so.

  2. This turned out incredibly beautiful! Another example of how hard work and cold beer can change one's life! :)