Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mom meets Mynrva

I knew it was coming, or rather SHE was coming.  My Mother, Toni wanted to meet Mynrva and it happened today.  I spent a few hours today removing items affixed to the walls.  Shelves, random screws that once suspended an item upon the wall, four coat hangers, a broken toilet seat lid, two mirrors, a secretary desk top that had been used as a bathroom cabinet and so on.

The phone rang and as I looked out the door, I could see my Mother had arrived to meet the new girl in my life, Mynrva.  I felt as nervous as if introducing someone I was dating for the first time.  My Mother appeared quite nervous herself as she slowly walked down the dock....and then she climbed aboard.

Hugs, smiles and then.........."Okay, just let me take this in."

"So this is the living room?"  "Yes, Mom".

"Oh, the kitchen is larger than I expected."

" And this is the......Oh, Dear God!"                                        

She had discovered the bathroom.

Two full dock carts of misc. items later, we sat down to eat and announced almost simultaneously that we had a headache. I am lucky because my Mother supports this adventure.  She has remodeled or restored more homes than I can count and tends to be quite fond of projects herself.  Perhaps it is from her that I inherited the "take an ugly thing and make it pretty" addiction.   It's going to be stressful.  It's going to be costly (relatively speaking) and it's going to be more fun than I might be able to handle. There is something about the obvious insanity of it that thrills me to no end.

Tomorrow I meet "Billy Jr.", the roofer.  Cross your fingers he has good news and speaks in small numbers.

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