Tuesday, March 15, 2011

String some pretty lights.

It's final!  I've handed over money, signed documents and Mynrva is now mine.  As thrilling as it is to have a piece of South Carolina actually belong to me, I am nervous and feeling a bit intimidated by all that lay ahead.

First- The roof, the roof, the roof is NOT on fire, but only because it is saturated with that non-flammable liquid called WATER!  The roof is coming off and getting replaced with an ever so slightly sloped surface that will hold the weight of Chandra, his Guitar and the posse of people that seem to relish his 3 am serenades.  I am one said posse. 

Second- The electrical.  I am convinced the only blind electrician in North America is responsible for the wiring of Mynrva.  When I get a bid under $2,000, I'll jump right on that one. 

Third- New walls.  Each time I walk into the boat, I ask myself, "Self, have you been drinking?  Or do the walls really buckle like warm taffy?".  Each time, the answer is the same...."no, it's not the booze, it's the taffy walls".  THIS IS NOT WILLY WONKA'S FACTORY, I am not eating blueberry bubble gum nor is my name Violet.  The walls must be replaced.

Lastly- The head.  It still freaks me out to call it that, but now that it is officially ripped out, it must be replaced.  Until then, I'll use the facilities at the marina.

All of this work and the only thing I want to do is paint the boat a pretty color, string some festive lights and blast a Bachata.  Que esta Bachata? Link below.


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