Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning the lingo.

  • Bow - the front of the boat
  • Stern - the back of the boat
  • Berth - the bed. If the bed is located at the bow of the boat, where the shape of the structure usually makes a "V" shape, the bed is called a V-berth.
  • Stateroom - the bedroom
  • Galley - the kitchen
  • Head - the bathroom
  • Cabin - a place where passengers can meet. A living room is also known as the salon.
  • Cockpit - the place where the boat is steered, also known as the bridge. The helm is the specific steering station.
  • Nav station - the place where navigation equipment is located, necessary for bluewater houseboats. This is where the boat's radio, charts and GPS will be.

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  1. You are becoming a real "Salt". It sounds like you have been reading a copy of "The Bluejacket's Manual".