Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Comments on Contractors

Well, it's been a while and for good reason.  Part of posting on the boat is actually having progress on which to report.  I've gone through two contractors who although well-intended have not really held up to their ends of the bargain.

The bedroom is pretty well done, with the exception of sun-proofing the windows.  I've replaced the air-conditioner, refinished the shower, replaced carpet in the sleeping area and addressed the needs of both decks.

 Plumbing has been an adventure.  I'm happy to report that the plumbing which I replaced is leak free...the remaining original plumbing is not leak-free and so Joe, the plumber at Lowe's and I are becoming well-acquainted.

Affectionate-friend, Nikki (that's what I like to call her) has been keeping me company, well hydrated with Heineken-light, and lending a hand.  My mother's friend, Dana popped on board and helped out in exchange for several beers (beer is both a wonderful motivator and troublesome sedative).

So here are a few pics and now that progress is once again being made, I promise to post more frequently.

House boat party second weekend in June.  Mark your calendars!

Bedroom with walls up and windows trimmed out.

Paint and an Oil Pastel up. 

Dana helping with the front deck.

Front complete!  WooHoo!!

Thanks to my WONDERFUL Mother, Toni for the teak chairs!  They are perfect!!

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